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          The 8th World Congress of Longyan People held in Sydney

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          On the morning of October 28, the opening ceremony of the 8th World Congress of Longyan People was held in Sydney. Over 400 representatives attended the congress, including Vice Governor of Fujian Guo Ningning, Consul General of China in Sydney Gu Xiaojie, Vice Mayor of Longyan Guo Lizhen, Deputy Consul General of China in Sydney Mi Bin, Speaker of the NSW Legislative Assembly Jonathan O’Dea, Lord Mayor of Wollongong Gordon Bradbery, and Chairman of the Organising Committee of the congress Chen Xinghui.


          Guo expressed in her speech that nearly 200,000 overseas Chinese of Fujian descent live in Australia. Through their hard work, fellow Fujian folks have made considerable contributions to Australia’s economic and social development and played a key role in promoting the exchanges and cooperation between Fujian and Australia. To date, Fujian has established sister relationships with one Australian state and eight Australian cities. In particular, Longyan and Wollongong will celebrate the forthcoming 20th anniversary of their sister relationship. It is hoped that all the fellow Fujian folks in Australia could leverage their strengths in technology, management expertise and financial resources to contribute to hometown’s development.


          In his speech, Consul General Gu Xiaojie expressed that, upholding the purpose of promoting friendship and common development, the World Congress of Longyan People serves as an important platform for Longyan people to strengthen bond and seek cooperation. Australian Longyan Association, Australia Longyan Business Association and other overseas Fujianese associations in NSW have done a great deal in strengthening the connection among fellow Fujianese, safeguarding their rights and interests, contributing to charity and cultural diversity, and promoting the friendship between China and Australia. Currently, Fujian is making steady progress in building a National Ecological Conservation Pilot Zone and the core area of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. He believed that the open-minded, inclusive and enterprising Fujian people will make new achievements in the new era and better share the opportunities of Fujian’s development with the world.


          Chairman of the Organising Committee Chen Xinghui said in his speech that the successful convening of this congress once again bring the hearts of Longyan folks at home and abroad together to create greater synergy. He called on fellow Longyan folks to carry forward the enterprising and pioneering Longyan spirit, continue to serve as a bridge between Longyan and the world, and actively participate in Longyan’s economic development and social programs.


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